Science Lab

Sapience School has well-equipped laboratories for science practical knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.It aims to develop Scientific aptitude among all the students to work on science projects and prepare science experiments. Science Olympiads conducted by CBSE are also arranged.

Computer Lab

Since computers have become inseparable from day to day life and for a good schooling, the management of Sapience School aims to equip the student with sound knowledge of computer by providing them upto date computer education, hence compulsory computer classes have been introduced from class I onwards. Sapience School has Well-designed and separate computer labs for kids and older children, run by a well-educated and qualified faculty.

English Language Lab

The school has a language lab ideal in every aspect. It is well equipped with charts, models, computer and Audio/Video Recording Systems.

Home Science Lab

School has a modern and well equipped Home-Science Lab where students are acquainted with hands on knowledge and skills. We have many sections in the lab for different activities for cooking.

Smart Class Rooms

Well Designed class rooms integrated with smart class.
To meet the need of the hour, school is fully equipped with 58 smart classrooms where students experience a quality education under the guidance of experienced teachers backed by latest technological tools like teaching modules provided by Extra Marks.


Library is the house of knowledge. A place to get ideas and knowledge. The school has a modern library with a large collection of carefully selected books that are suitable to the interest of the students. The school faculty always encourages and motivates the students to develop the habit of reading.
Total number of Books - 14760
Dailies - 6
Reference Books - 150
Magazines - 15

Robotics Lab

Sapience School has Well-designed and separate robotics labs for kids and older children, run by a well-educated and qualified faculty.

Yoga Class

Yoga makes you stronger and more energetics. It's a great way to stay focused. students also feel more focused help to feel great and function better in life.

Martial Art Class

Students can join martial arts classes in school. we have trained and best martial art trainer in school.

Shooting Class

School has a safe and well equipped shooting hall where students trained for shooting. We have experienced coach.

Swimming Class

Swimming is a very popular sport for students. We have trained swimming coach and school curriculum allows scheduled swimming classes to give students a learning platform where they can enjoy swimming.