Fee Structure for
snagar Branch 

Session 2022-23



Registration Fee


Rs.700 (Non Refundable)

Admission Fee

Rs.3000  Nur to UKG(Non Refundable)

Rs. 4000 
I to VIII(Non Refundable)

Rs. 5000 
IX to XII(Non Refundable)

Annual Charges/Maintenance Fee

Rs.1000 (Yearly) & Rs.2000(Class XI
& XII)

Tuition Fee :-


For Class NUR to UKG

Rs.1100 per month

For Class I to V

Rs.1450 per month

For Class VI to VIII

Rs.1600 per month

For Class IX & X

Rs.1950 per month

For Class XI & XII

Rs.2600 per month

Exam Fee NUR to VIII(half yearly)


Rs.350 (Payable in the month of April
& Oct.)

Rs. 400 (Payable in the month of April
& Oct.)

Transport Fee (Optional) 

Refer Transport rate list available in